Frequently Asked Questions


We have availability for tests at our testing centre from Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.30pm, and a courier collection service for test kits being carried out over the weekend at home. Should you require a test outside of testing centre hours, please call the testing centre on 0203 879 0019 to discuss.

We can take test bookings for up to ninety days in advance of your day zero, required test date, or departure date. Please be aware for Test to Release requests that you will need to complete some required information in addition to your passenger locator form. We would kindly ask that you provide this information to us at the same time as completing your locator form so that we can have this on file before you depart for the UK. You will be emailed a link to complete this upon booking your test.

Please read our full cancellation policy for more information here.

We realise that individual needs for testing vary, and that the testing requirements can be quite complicated. We have developed a Test Finder which will help you to determine which test or test package you should book.

Arrival & Quarantine

Your day of arrival in the UK counts as day zero. So, if you travel in on a Wednesday, you will need to take your day 2 test on Friday. If travel is split over two days, it’s the day you arrive in the UK, not the day you leave your destination country.

You are required by law to quarantine for 10 days upon return to the UK. On days 2 and 8 following your arrival, you will need to be tested by a private test provider. You have the option to be tested on the fifth day of your quarantine as part of the test to release programme. A negative result will allow you to end your quarantine early.

You must not take your test before the specified day. If you do not complete your tests on the correct day, your results may be invalid.


Your results will be sent through to you directly from us as soon as we hear back from the laboratory. We will also generate a certificate depending on the purpose of your test e.g. fit to fly or test to release.

The speed of return of tests varies according to your needs. All of our tests use laboratories that can provide next day results. If results are wanted sooner, we can provide same-day results. These are popular for test-to-release services and last-minute fit-to-fly tests.

Following a positive test result you will need to self-isolate for 10 days, starting from the onset of your symptoms or, if asymptomatic, from the day your first positive test was taken.

If any member of your household receives a positive test result, the entire household must self-isolate for 10 days, even if tests are returned negatively.

If your day 2 test is positive, you are no longer required to be tested on day 8. However, to monitor your recovery you may wish to continue with the testing.

Your results will include your full name, date of birth, ID card number (if supplied to us), your result, and the date and time of your swab. Our results report also state the applicable ISO accreditation (ISO15189) and UKAS status (Sloane Street Testing / The Sloane Street Surgery a UKAS-accredited testing facility, which is a requirement for many destinations). We advise you to check the requirements of your destination country should your test be required for travel, and we can make amendments to the certification of your results as required.

Home Testing

To ensure we meet government guidelines whilst providing the most efficient service, tests have varied transport requirements. Day 2 will require a courier return, as it is prohibited to visit surgeries or test centres under law. Your day 5 can either be returned via courier or you can drop it off at the surgery. Your day 8 test can be posted back to the surgery using the included royal mail special delivery label, or dropped off with us - whatever you prefer. Our courier collects within the following postcodes: SW 1, 3, 5, 7, 10; W 1, 2, 8, 11; SW11 4__

You do not need to visit our clinics to take a PCR Test. You may wish to come in to be tested or guided by one of our trained professionals, but many prefer to take their tests within the comfort of their own homes. Tests are usually sent out by the royal mail, and picked up by our couriers. Alternatively we can send out one of our professional testers to your household to ensure the greatest accuracy and ease.

If you make a mistake with any of your tests, speak to us and we may be able to remedy the situation. You may need to reorder with us if you have made an error with your swab - again, speak to us to see how we can get a new swab to you as quickly as possible. To avoid this, please read your instruction booklet carefully before starting the testing process, and watch our explanatory video.

Testing Validity & Accuracy

We use a selection of labs that are all government accredited. Our testing centre is UKAS accredited.

The laboratory we use provides a specificity of 99.995% and a sensitivity of 100%. The CE-marked PCR test kit we employ is approved by MHRA and is used by Public Health England and the NHS.